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How We Can Help

We recognize that more citizens are “living in place” as an alternative to group housing. Group housing can mean assisted living, nursing homes, senior housing, high rise apartments and MHMR residences.

Currently, many services are provided to assist in the “quality of life” decision to remain in the home. Programs are provided for home health care, provision of meals, transportation needs, assistance with financial and tax issues, and other areas of need.

The Center for Disease Control has identified home hazards as a serious and significant factor on the health of Seniors and other at risk populations. A fall, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning or other event can end the ability of people to continue to “live in place”. Environmental conditions can trigger serious health problems. As an example, mold can be the source of unnecessary medical costs and reduced quality of life for a cardiac, transplant or respiratory patient.

Home Safety Checkup Inspections are intended to provide the client, occupant, heath care providers, home services providers  and other responsible parties with objective information regarding the observed condition of the systems and components of the property. This information can be used to increase quality of life and reduce health care costs and better direct the care of the property occupants.


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