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The People

Dan & Teresa Howard are the “voices” of the Senior Safety Network. They are the originators, primary business contacts, an d media contacts for the program.

This program is new, innovative and long overdue. It came to life as a result of Dan & Teresa’s experiences with Teresa’s parents. Anita & Louie Loachridge were happily living in a retirement community in Florida. Though there were daily phone calls and frequent visits, the distance between Pittsburgh, PA and Florida was enough of a barrier that they did not know how much the dementia had taken from these very bright and active seniors. It was not until they were asked to help with repairs on the Loachridge home, that they knew the extent of the declining conditions of their property. Dan and Teresa have gone through the process of trying to keep Anita and Louie safe in Florida, to moving them into the Howard home and then to a nearby assisted living facility that specializes in the needs of dementia patients.

Dan & Teresa are a husband and wife team dedicated to making this program available for the tens of thousands of persons for whom this means a better quality and safer life while staying in their home. Teresa is a retired sixth grade teacher and Dan has been a home inspector for the last 28 years. That inspection firm had sprung from the award winning construction firm his grandfather had founded.

A national program such as this does not happen by itself. This large undertaking demands the time, talent and the dedication of a team of experts. That team of experts was assembled from Dan & Teresa’s professional associates who were of like mind, dedication and ethics. For each team member, this is a passion and a mission.

Each team member is motivated by their experiences with family members and other loved ones. You will see photos of those persons in this website.

Mike Crow is a partner and the executive business manager. He is nationally recognized as a lecturer and management coach. Mike is the originator and CEO of the Ethical Inspectors. His hand has guided many of the innovations in the home inspection industry. Family is first for Mike and the value of the Senior Home Safety Network is personal for him.

John Laird is the Webmaster and is responsible for the internal information of the Senior Home Safety Network. As with any quality professional, his work speaks for itself. You are looking at a part of his many contributions to the program.

Brad Yarbrough is tasked with the internal communications, handling management meetings, training sessions, and other important things that are too often unappreciated because they happen without a hitch. A conference call or training event does not seem like an important task until it does not happen smoothly. Brad does everything short of tying a string around our fingers to make sure we are where and when we are supposed to be.

Christa Trantham is the expert in the art of scheduling inspections across the nation. At the helm of Communications Station, she and her team have experience in scheduling inspections in virtually every state. Her association with EthicalInspectors.com and dedication to the care of aging citizens makes her a natural addition to the team. The system of transfer, review, dissemination and storage of reports is the result of her experience with those tasks.

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